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! Cessation of CEPAS Transactions at ActiveSG Facilities wef 3 Oct 2020. Find out more. Latest COVID-19 updates.
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With effect from 1 October 2020, ActiveSG will implement the following policies for gym and pool slot bookings:

  1. No-Show Policy - Members who do not turn up for three or more gym/pool bookings in a month will have their membership suspended for two weeks. Members will be notified via email should their account be suspended. During the period of suspension, members will not be allowed to book any of our ActiveSG facilities.
  2. 3-Day Advance Booking – To ensure that all members have equal opportunities to exercise at our facilities, members will be able to book gym/pool slots only up to three days in advance.

For queries, members of the public can write in to Sport Singapore QSM or call 1800-344-1177 during office hours (Mondays to Fridays, 9.00am to 6.00pm)


Advance Booking of swim/gym slots

Qn: How far ahead in advance can I start booking the swim/gym slots?
Ans: The slots will be open for booking 3 days ahead of the usage date at 0700hrs, right up till the usage time. For example, for usage on 1 Oct, member can start booking on 28 Sep 0700hrs.

Qn: Can we cancel and refund the slots if we will not be able to utilise the swim/gym slots on the usage day?
Ans: All confirmed slots cannot be cancelled or refund after booking.

Qn: Can I release the slot after booking?
Ans: All booked slots cannot be released and are non-refundable.

Qn: Why the change in the booking policy for the booking of swim/gym slot?
Ans: Based on our data, we observed that the incidence of default increases when a member book slots further in advance. As such, members will now be able to book gym/pool slots up to three (3) days in advance instead of 14 or 15 days.

No-Show Policy

Qn: What is the detail of the no-show policy for gym/pool slots booking?
Ans: Starting 1 October, members who do not turn up for three (3) gym/pool bookings within a month will have their membership temporarily suspended for two weeks.

Qn: Why introduce the no show policy?
Ans: The purpose of this policy is to prevent members from hoarding slots that could otherwise be used meaningfully by other members.

Qn: Have there been high no show that is why the introduction of this policy?
Ans: Since ActiveSG reopened our facilities on 19 June 2020, we introduced a mandatory online pre-booking system as part of Sport Singapore’s Safe Management Measures. This is to prevent users from queuing outside the gym and overcrowding in the gym as the underpinning principle of the resumption of physical activities and sports under strict restrictions is to provide a safe environment for our people and to minimise community transmissions.

Over the past few months, we have been monitoring our facilities utilisation rate and observed that more than 15% of users who pre-booked their slots do not turn up during the booked slot.

Qn: What constitutes a no-show?
Ans: When you fail to turn up for the gym or pool slot that you booked.

The following scenarios does not count as a no show:

  • Any closures initiated by ActiveSG due to maintenance and other reasons
  • Cat 1 weather condition that does not permit usage of outdoor facilities

Qn: Can I request for a refund it is raining but there is no Cat 1 alert?
Ans: There will not be a refund if it is a light drizzle. However in event that there is a lighting risk or the visibility of the pool is poor, we will provide a refund.

Qn: If I am suspended temporary for two weeks due to no show, can I still jog in the stadium?
Ans: Yes, you can jog in the stadium, but you are unable to book any facilities.

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