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How do I sprint faster?

Sprinting is an anaerobic activity, requiring explosive bursts of speed. Find out more in this article for beginners.

What is the right technique for hurdles?

To be a great hurdler means that the athlete must be able to jump over obstacles with minimum disruption to his velocity.

How to throw a javelin

A basic guide to javelin throwing. Unlike other throwing events, athletes do not throw from within a circle, but are permitted to set up the throw with a run-up.

How do I perform a discus throw?

A guide to the proper technique in holding and releasing a discus in athletics. A discus throw is a precise dance where rhythm, harmony and balance convert to power.

How to perform a long jump?

A good long jumper needs both speed and power. This guide teaches you how to do a run up, take off and landing when doing a jump.

How do I throw a shot put?

A 3 step guide on how to throw a shot put for beginners. The shot put is propelled by way of pushing rather than throwing and is a good test of an individual's strength.

How do I execute a high jump?

A beginner's guide to high jumping, from the run up to take off and actual flight and how to land. The high jump has evolved much over the history of the sport.

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