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 shooting scoring and marking

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The scoring procedures for rifle and pistol events are similar. After each relay or stage is completed, the classification office must publish the preliminary results on the range scoreboard as soon as possible. Athletes are given time to appeal or protest the preliminary score, after which results will be posted on the main scoreboard.

When the signal indicating that the range is safe, the target officer is accompanied with a jury member to examine and register the values of the bullet holes with the register keeper. The total for each series must be recorded after the value of each shot has been determined. 

After the event, all targets are transported to a locked container in the classification office. Targets are numbered and checked against the scorecard for discrepancies. If no discrepancies are found, targets are examined to determine shot values.

Scoring for shotgun events are a little different because there is no static target to shoot at. The classification office will receive and check the target total to record results of each round. The preliminary score is then posed on the range scoreboard.

Individual results are recorded and agreed on with each athlete when each round is completed. In the event that the athlete does not agree with the score, he/she can lodge a protest.

Scoring is determined on the range after each round of 25 targets in Trap and Skeet. For individual events, the results of each round must be recorded clearly on the score cards. Scores are then arranged in descending order.

For team events, the score of each team member is recorded individually, then the total number of targets hit is totalled and the team's score is ranked in descending order.


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