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Shotgun events are held at outdoor ranges. At the 2015 SEA Games, there are only two shotgun events - Trap and Skeet, with both open only to male athletes.

As these shotgun events are carried out with moving targets, athletes must be provided with pre-training time before the start of the competition on the same range, to practice against the same make and colour as the targets used during competition.

The jury will need to check that the targets are set correctly for the pre-event training and each athlete will be allocated a fixed length of time to ensure that no one athlete has an added advantage. Due to a component in the Skeet event having doubles (two targets released simultaneously), extra time is allocated to these athletes during pre-training time.

In the Trap event, athletes must start with all necessary equipment and have enough ammunition to complete each round. Athletes must occupy the shooting stations in the order shown on the scorecard. Five athletes will start each round and the sixth athlete must wait in Station 6 and move into Station 1 as soon as the athlete in that station has finished shooting and the result is known.

The athlete in station 1 will start the competition by raising his gun to the shooting position and call for the target. When the results for the first athlete is known, the second athlete will shoot and so on. The target must be released immediately following the call from the athlete and two shots may be fired at each target, except in the Finals and during shoot-offs.

After all athletes have fired one round, they must rotate their stations from left to right. This rotation will continue until all the athletes have shot a round of 25 shots, shooting 5 targets at each station.

When moving between stations, athletes must carry their guns open and unloaded. When at the stations, athletes must close their guns and call for a target within twelve seconds after the athlete in the previous station has fired and has his results registered.

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