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Shooting Singapore 1

 Image credit: John Heng/SportSG

The procedures for the rifle and pistol events are similar. Athletes are given 15 minutes for final preparations, during which they are allowed to fire unlimited sighting shots. They will be signalled to stop about 30 seconds before the match. Sighting targets will be visible at least 15 minutes before the preparation time, and athletes will be called to the line at least 15 minutes prior to that. They are not allowed to place their guns and equipment on their firing points before they are called.

After the preparation time, targets are reset for the match. The Chief Range Officer will then give the command for the start of match, and any shot fired after this command will be recorded as a match shot. However, dry firing is allowed.

If an athlete needs to change or fill their gas or air cylinder, he must obtain permission from the Range Officer and leave the firing point to do so. No extra time is given for this allowance. Dry firing is permitted after the match starts, but if a propelling charge is released without hitting the target, it will be scored as a miss.

Rules for loading the guns are stringent. If the athlete becomes aware of the error of loading more than one pellet, he must indicate the error to the Range Officer by raising his non-shooting hand. He must be supervised on the unloading and no penalty is incurred. No extra time will be given for this correction.

However, if the athlete fires two pellets at the same time without being aware, he should report the error to the Range Officer. If both pellets hit the target, the pellet hole with the higher value is counted and the second shot discounted. If there is only one hit, then it will be counted.

Athletes will change the paper targets under the supervision of the Range Officers, and are responsible for shooting the targets in the correct sequence. If automatic target carriers are used, the targets can be changed by athletes or the Register Keeper. The athlete may report to the Range Officer if he thinks the marking or target changing is too slow. The situation will be corrected if the Range Officer or Jury decides the claim is justified.

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