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With the dizzying variety of athletics footwear available on the market today, track and field athletes who are new to the scene may find it difficult to select a suitable pair of shoes for their events.

Well, we have just the guide for you. Be it the thickness of the soles or the position of the spikes, learn how to improve your run by choosing the right kicks!

TeamSG hurdler Kerstin Ong Hip MobilityPhoto: SportSG

Sprint spikes

Used primarily for sprint events, as its name suggests, such shoes are the lightest, and are designed for speed and power rather than complete comfort. As sprinters spend most of the seconds taken to complete a race on their toes, the spikes on their shoes would typically be positioned towards the front; less heel support is needed. The use of hard-plated spike nails would offer the runner better grip, especially in wet conditions.

TeamSG hurdler Kerstin Ong Hip Mobility Photo: SportSG

Long-distance spikes

Long-distance runners require more support than short-distance ones do. The appropriate pair of long-distance running shoes would incorporate an extra layer of cushioning to protect its wearer’s feet from injury. Comfort and durability would be of more priority with long-distance spikes, given the extended duration that the runners need to finish their events. They have fewer spikes and provide more support from the mid-foot to the heel.

Long jump spikes

Long jump athletes wear shoes that are similar to sprint spikes. Ideally, they provide speed and power, are lightweight, and involve good support on the outer soles in order to prevent slipping during take-off.

High jump spikes

These are typically flat-bottomed with a thick sole, catering to the strain that the athlete places on his or her heels. The spikes are also placed at the heel, providing better grip during the take-off, especially when the ground is slippery.

Throw shoes

Throwers, on the other hand, do not wear spikes on their shoes. Throwing events necessitate circular, pivoting movements, and such shoes are often wide, with a flat-bottomed sole.

TeamSG hurdler Kerstin Ong Hip MobilityPhoto: SportSG

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