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Rowing 5

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The minimum overall length of a boat is 7.2m, a measurement taken from the front of the bow ball to the furthest point on the hull. If a stabilising hull extension is used, the measurement will include the extension. If the boat is shorter than the minimum overall length, the Starter may exclude the boat from the race. This rule does not apply to boats used in Para-rowing events.

All "eights" boats must be able to be sectioned into parts no longer than 12.2m. This is to ensure all boats can fit into a standard forty-foot container for transportation. Regulations for oar thickness states sculls may not be more than 3mm thick and sweep oars not more than 5mm thick. Thickness is measured 3mm from the outer edge for sweep oars and 2mm for sculls.

From 1st January 2015, new regulations for flotation will be in place for all boats. When boats are tested, they will be filled with water to that of the average weight of its crew; it should remain floating, with the top of the seat a maximum of 5cm below the static waterline. Penalties will be put in place for boats not being able to pass this regulation.

The bows of all boats should be fitted with a solid ball shape with a minimum diameter of 4cm that is firmly affixed to the bow of the boat. They must be able to withstand a significant amount of force without falling off. The ball  provides protection to the tip of the bow and allows the finish line judge a better gauge of the point the boat crosses the finish line.

All boats must be fitted with quick release foot stretchers, shoes, or other devices to enable rowers to clear the boat quickly in the event of a collision or other incidents. All boats must have a production plaque or something similar permanently affixed to the inside of the boat, with an area of at least 50 square cm illustrating the name and address of the boat builder, a mark or logo, the year the boat was constructed, the weight the boat was designed for, the weight of the boat on completion and whether the boat meets specified flotation requirements.

All boats used in races need to meet the minimum weight requirements, as any boat under the minimum weight will be excluded from races. Boats found to have raced while being under the weight requirement will be relegated to last place regardless of its placing at the end of the race. If the boat makes the same offence in a later race, it will be excluded.

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