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Athletes impaired by a disability that results in a permanent limitation to physical activity shall be eligible to compete in Para-rowing.

Sports Class

Eligibility requirements

LTA (Leg, Trunk and Arms) - includes LTA-PD, LTA-B1, LTA-B2, LTA-B3


LTA-PD (physical disability)

  • full loss of three finger on one hand
  • tarsal metatarsal foot amputation
  • loss of 10 points on one limb
  • loss of 15 points across two limbs

LTA-B1 to 3 (visual impairment)

Athletes who wish to compete must be examined by an ophthalmologist or  International Blind Sports Federation (BSA).

Athletes with a permanent disability that can be verified, but still

  • have functional use of their legs, trunk and arms.
  • can make use of the sliding seat to propel the boat forward.

Or have disabilities equivalent to the following,

  • amputee.
  • Neurological Impairment equivalent to incomplete lesion at S1.
  • Cerebral Palsy Class 8 (CPISRA).
  • Visually Impaired  with 10% vision in best eye with best correction.

TA (Trunk and Arms)

Athletes with

  • moderate lack of function in lower limbs
  • functional use of their trunk but are not able to use the sliding seat.

Or have disabilities equivalent to the following,

  • significant impaired quadriceps.
  • bilateral around knee amputation.
  • neurological impairment equivalent to a complete L3 lesion.
  • Incomplete L1 lesion.
  • combination of the above.

AS (Arms and Shoulders)

Athletes with

  • minimal or no trunk function.
  • poor sitting balance.

Or have disabilities equivalent to the following,

  • Cerebral Palsy Class 4 (CP-ISRA)
  • neurological impairment with a complete lesion at T12 Level or incomplete lesion at T10

After athletes have been assigned to their sports class, they may choose to compete in another functional class than the one are assigned. A rower assigned to the TA class is not allowed to compete in the AS class, but is able to in the LTA class.

Events in Para-rowing

  • LTA Mixed coxed four (LTAMix4+)
  • LTA Mixed double sculls (LTAMix2X)
  • TA Mixed double sculls (TAMix2x)
  • AS Men’s single sculls (ASM1x)
  • AS Women’s single sculls (ASW1x)

In the mixed events, half the athletes within the crew should be men and the other half women. All boats used must be approved by Fédération Internationale des Sociétés d’Aviron (FISA) before they can be used in competitions.

In general, the rules and regulations of rowing events are applied to para-rowing events. However, para- rowers are required to be strapped in during the race and may shout "objection" at the end of the race instead of raising their arm.

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