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SGSports UNCUT EP 12

Singapore’s latest Sports Talkshow, turns the spotlight onto the sport of Squash.

Is the sport still relevant and popular among Singaporeans today? How is Squash faring at the schools' level and do we have a capable talent-identification system? What does it take to become a national squash player? Do we have enough of playing courts around the Lion City, for the public and our national athletes? 

In Episode 12, we discuss those issues and much more with Patrick Thio (President, Singapore Squash Rackets Association/SSRA), Josephine Choo (Vice President, SSRA) and Joannah Yue (Chairwoman of Coaching Division/SSRA)

So don’t forget to catch Episode 12 of SG SPORTS UNCUT (in 3 Parts) with your host Raj Kumar on Thursday, Feb 13th from 4pm onwards on 

You can also check out the show on SG Sports TV’s YouTube Channel.



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