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MOVE: Movements by themselves do not represent a system, style or trend. They are already possible based on the unique design as a living being. When we move with awareness though, grace follows.

CREATE: Do we very often assess movements as 'right' or 'wrong'? Or do we label our body as 'beginner', 'intermediate', 'advanced'?

If the movements are in congruency with joint mobility and intention, the judgement falls away. PLAY: Children project the purest form of spontaneous living... free flow and uninhibited until fear is introduced and judgment of 'wrongdoing' is passed. Why do we program our body to only move in a predictable fixed routine?

And why do we resist a trajectory of movements that are not fixed and predictable? Step into the unknown. ATM uses a technique called pandiculation to release involuntarily muscle contraction. Chronic pain, tension and various forms of dis-ease are a result of repetitive reinforcement of habitual patterns that are so deeply ingrained that we have accepted as 'norm'.

The techniques used re-educate the nervous system to release chronic muscle tension in an organic way without intrusion, pain and unnecessary strain. A pain-free body is a happy body for nurturing a healthy mind.

BENEFITS of the practice are a multitude, including:

a) Relief from back/lower back pain

b) Relief from Piriformis syndrome

c) Neck & shoulder release

d) Hip release

e) Hamstring release

f) Relief from TMJ syndrome

g) Full-body relaxation

The entire practice is 'floor based' and participants are reminded to keep their body warm with appropriate clothing. ATM is organic in nature and does not represent any medical authority or is intended to replace advice from a medical professional.


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