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Game on Nila

NUS SG Bicentennial Challenge - an exciting 2-month long campaign launched on 8 September 2019! Brought to you by ActiveSG and NUS, exclusively for NUS!
Clock your steps and earn MyCash!
Accumulate Actual Steps, hunt for NILA & scan the QR codes to clock virtual steps!

Click here for the sign up link to the GameOn Nila! NUS edition.

NUS Gameon nila


  • Clock your first 10,000 steps in a day and receive $5 MyCash (For first 2000 NUS students & 600 staff)
  • The first 500 to reach level 20 will receive $20 MyCash
  • Clock 200,000 steps and receive up to $50 MyCash (For first 10500 students/staff)
  • Spot special Nila and recieve $200 MyCash (For first 20 NUS students/staff)

GameON! Nila NUS


How to play? 

GameON! Nila NUS

GameON! Nila NUS