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! 🍊 Happy Chinese New Year! Do take note of the change in our operating hours from 24 Jan to 27 Jan 2020. Share the gift of good health with exercises that can be done anywhere.
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Game on Nila

NUS SG Bicentennial Challenge - an exciting 2-month long campaign launched on 8 September 2019! Brought to you by ActiveSG and NUS, exclusively for NUS!
Clock your steps and earn MyCash!
Accumulate Actual Steps, hunt for NILA & scan the QR codes to clock virtual steps!

Click here for the sign up link to the GameOn Nila! NUS edition.

NUS Gameon nila


  • Clock your first 10,000 steps in a day and receive $5 MyCash (For first 2000 NUS students & 600 staff)
  • The first 500 to reach level 20 will receive $20 MyCash
  • Clock 200,000 steps and receive up to $50 MyCash (For first 10500 students/staff)
  • Spot special Nila and recieve $200 MyCash (For first 20 NUS students/staff)

GameON! Nila NUS


How to play? 

GameON! Nila NUS

GameON! Nila NUS