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Introduction to Hand Balancing: strength and injury prevention 

Whether you’re a beginner, a fitness enthusiast, yogi, coach or health professional, this educational workshop is designed to provide you with the tools to safely execute hand balances with fundamental warm up drills and conditioning flows.

We are so caught up with looking good and hand-standing that we forget to protect our most important energy system, our body. Come away with a tonne of techniques to bring to your practice and potential clients, safely integrate the tools to spread body awareness for optimal lifelong mobility.

This co-led workshop with Marcus Chung, a self-made calisthenics coach in Singapore, will dive deeper into the mechanics of strength for hand balancing. We will also test your functional end range of movement around every joint and deepen your practice with increasing the range of mobility and flexibility using body weight primal flow techniques.

Primal flow techniques include new movement patterns utilising ‘locomotion’ - directional flow of movement, to optimise performance and mitigate injury risk.