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If you enjoy riding through unconventional terrains, cyclocross might be the sport for you!

Cyclocross mixes multiple athletic endeavours, namely riding and running together with an emphasis on skilful bike handling

With Race distance varying from 1 to 3 km amidst a mixture of surfaces such as tarmac, sand, dirt, run-ups and steps, cyclocross will be the perfect sport for any adrenaline junkie.

Getting started with cyclocross is effortless. Instead of investing in a cross bike immediately, cyclocross hopeful could try out the sport on a mountain bike instead before deciding to invest heavily into the sport. Cyclocross racing seasons typically operate from September to February with the world championship held in late January

Cyclocross is a great discipline for fitness and health, one that fits around the fast-paced environment in Singapore. In just 45 mins of training 5 times a week, participants will be able to see the of fruits of their labour just in time for the road season to start. Having said that, why not give cyclocross a go at the upcoming OCBC Cycle National Championship!