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singapore national swimming championships 

Singapore’s Olympic Champion, Joseph Schooling, has announced that he will be swimming at the upcoming Neo Garden 14th Singapore National Swimming Championships taking place at the OCBC Aquatic Centre from June 20 to 23.


This marks the first time in 6 years that Joseph will be competing in a swimming championship in Singapore. He last competed in the 2012 Singapore National Swimming Championships after the London Olympics. It will also be his first competition this year following the conclusion of his NCAA career at the end of March .


For the first time ever in any national swimming championships held here in Singapore, the Mare Nostrum Monaco racing format will be adopted by the Singapore Swimming Association (SSA) at the championships for all 50m sprint events at the championships.


Called the Neo Garden Sprints, the races will take place on Saturday, 23 June, during the heats in the morning, and the finals in the evening.


The format is essentially a knock out swimming format, whereby the number of swimmers will be reduced through each round of racing, with a total of 4 rounds in the day.

If there are 60 swimmers in an event, these 60 swimmers will compete in Round 1 in the morning, consisting of 6 heats of 10. At the end of the morning heats, the top 20 swimmers will progress to the next round, which is the quarter final. The quarter final, semi final and finals will be held in the evening.


In the quarterfinal, these 20 swimmers will compete in 2 heats of 10. The top 10 qualifiers will then progress to the semi finals. In the semi final, these 10 swimmers will compete in 2 heats of 5, of which the top 5 will progress to the final. The final will see the fastest 5 swimmers compete for the top 3 placings to be crowned the top swimmer in the event.