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ActiveSG Running Clinic by JustRunLah! 

Join us at Car-Free Sunday this July! Besides the running clinic, there are thrilling activities at the Padang such as an Obstacle Course, bouldering walls and other fitness activities for the family! 

This ActiveSG running clinic by Dr. Liew will empower participants with tips on athletic potential maximization, training structure, running form, and mental strategies. 

As an elite runner who has not sustained any training injury since 2010, he is especially passionate in educating runners about injury prevention. The clinic would begin with Dr. Liew sharing his knowledge, followed by a short Q&A session, and finally a “hands-on” running clinic proper with an easy run and several drills. 

So lace up your shoes and join him on 30th July 2017! 

About our speaker

Dr. Ashley Liew is a national marathoner (personal best 2h32m12s) who has represented Singapore at the 2013 and 2015 South East Asian Games. 

He was also ranked fastest Singaporean marathoner in 2012 and 2015. Dr. Liew has a story that inspires, from his humble beginnings as an overweight individual and 4h29m34s marathoner. 

In addition to being an assistant athletics coach, he is also a Doctor of Chiropractic, serving patients from all walks of life to help them achieve their optimum health and athletic potential.

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