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Don’t look at the sea. Picture yourself conquering it. For at times, we tend to overthink our limitations, yet we are all capable of much more than we think we can possibly achieve.

Challenge yourself! Join our first leg of the TRI-Factor Series, the TRI-Factor Swim & AquaRun Challenge. We have distances for all levels of participants regardless if you are newbie or a seasoned open sea swimmer.

As per 2016, our 2017 edition will also feature the multi-sport element of the AquaRun Challenge with a Standard Distance category for those looking to up their ante!

Freshmen: 2oom Swim / 2km Run / 2oom Swim
Sprint: 500m Swim / 5km Run / 500m Swim
Standard: 1000m Swim / 10km Run / 500m Swim

See you on Race Day!