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Ultra Aquathlon 2016

the course will not just provide for a fast and exciting competition, but is also very competitor friendly.

  • Small Wave Starts: the number of athletes that start per wave are kept low to avoid the hectic surge into the water that sometimes comes with a beach start.
  • Easy Navigation: Lane ropes and tall buoys guide you around the swim course.
  • No overlapping wave starts: The race starts in such time intervals that only the very fast swimmers may catch up with the least fast of the previous wave.
  • Wide roads: which provide a lot of room for overtaking.
  • Straight roads: Only the spacious U-turns on the bike course require a minimum of cycling skills.
  • Shade: tree cover provides welcome protection from the sun on the bike and run course.
  • Drink station: stay hydrated and refreshed with a drink station every 1.5-2km on the run.
  • Festival: The pretty park, vendor booths at the festival area, vibrant atmosphere, races for all ages, and spectator friendly course makes the Triathlon a party for both the athletes and spectators.