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Metasprint - Duathlon 2017

The duathlon offers a flat and fast ride with fewer laps and a less technical course, perfect for a thrilling yet friendly competition.

  • Wide Start: a large pen start providing plenty of space for everyone to get into their stride from the siren.

  • Drink station: stay hydrated and refreshed with a drink station halfway through the run.

  • Straight roads: minimal cycling skills required to handle the two very wide U-Turns of the cycling course. Besides these, expect a wide, safe, flat and fast course.

  • Festival: The vendor booths at the festival area, vibrant atmosphere, races for all ages, and spectator friendly course makes the Duathlon a party for both the athletes and spectators. The setting of the F1 Paddock will provide a vibrant atmosphere against the legendary background of Singapore’s Premier Sports event, with a view on the Marina and Singapore’s Flyer.