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safari zoo run

Safari Zoo Run was conceived to commemorate Singapore Zoo’s famous matriarch and one of Singapore’s most loved animal personalities — Ah Meng the Sumatran orangutan, who died of old age in February 2008.

The objectives of this run are to encourage family bonding and raise awareness on wildlife conservation.

Run For Wildlife

This year’s theme, ‘Run for Wildlife’ focuses on raising awareness for wildlife conservation. Each animal icon team supports an endangered wildlife species that we would like to raise awareness for.

WRS is also committed to supporting the selected conservation projects. Funding for the selected conservation projects will be allocated based on team scores, with a bigger allocation to the winning team’s project.


The judging criteria for the teams will be based these three areas, with Team Instagram contest having the highest weightage:

1) Teams Sign ups

  • Top 3 teams with the highest sign-ups will be awarded points

2) Top 3 runners for 10km Challenge

  • Top 3 runners of Men’s Open and Women’s Open race categories will be awarded points

3) Team Instagram contest

  • On race day, runners have up to 10AM to upload to Instagram image of their team’s conservation messages that are found along the race route or race village with their team’s hashtag.
  • Top 3 teams with the highest amount of Instagram posts will be awarded points

Do your part for wildlife, choose an animal team to support and help raise awareness for them.