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Palawan beach offers a great swim race with its calm waters and scenic landscape. enjoy the shaded run course and festive atmosphere in the event venue

  • Small Wave Starts: the number of athletes that start per wave are kept low to avoid the hectic surge into the water that sometimes comes with a beach start.

  • Calm Sea: The protected bay of Palawan Beach keeps waves and currents at bay.

  • Easy Navigation: The course is completely roped off. All you have to do is follow the rope.

  • No overlapping wave starts: The race starts in such time intervals that only the very fast swimmers may catch up with the least fast of the previous wave.

  • Beach turn: the Sprint Distance course gives the less able swimmers a little respite at the beach turn half way and a shallow section on the return leg.

  • Drink stations: stay hydrated and refreshed with drink stations every 1.5-2km on the run course.

  • Shade: stay cool on the run that enjoys sun protection for a big part of the course from the tree cover.

  • Festival: the pretty beach, vibrant atmosphere, races for all ages and spectator friendly course makes the Aquathlon a party for both the athletes and spectators.