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Singapore Giant Games

2-day festival with 3 key thrusts –

1. Community Integration: - Increased integration, interaction & engagement between communities

- Hopes and dreams for Singapore 

2. Social Awareness: - Increased understanding and awareness of PwDs in the local context 

3. Sports: - Promote active living in a fun, safe, and friendly manner

- Make sports accessible and inclusive, with suggestions for continuity on their own time

- Encourage the mentality and understanding that sports is for every one

- Increased sporting opportunities for marginalised groups, e.g. PwD, Cancer survivors, ex-offenders, YAR, Migrants, elderly

A Giant Games and Sports Try-outs:

Aims to bridge gaps bet marginalised communities and general public through playing sports; and serves as platform to foster interaction & integration of Singapore residents.

Includes disability simulation activities, information boards to educate public about Persons with Disabilities.

Features try-outs of giant games & lesser known sports that are adaptable and replicated at VWOs.

- Selection of maximum 6 games, e.g. Giant Pick-up Sticks, Giant Jenga, etc. and some lesser-known sports (no example of these sports provided), to attract and encourage participation

- Accommodate more than individuals to participate together, reignite the kampong spirit

- Adapted to allow participation by people of all ages and abilities

- Managed by 2 volunteers per station to teach the sport/game, organise the teams, and run the activity

- Encourage VWOs to “bring” the sports/games back to their organisations

- Provide participants with mini cards featuring short full body workouts using everyday items, e.g. chairs, water bottles, etc. as a starter-guide to start their own active life style journeys

B “Pledge towards Wall” Inclusive Boards:

- Encourage Singaporeans to pledge their commitment to inclusivity – that everyone has a role to play in shaping Singapore’s future years, to be inclusive and forward-looking – aligned to NDP2016’s theme of “Building our Singapore of Tomorrow”.

- Selected pledges and suggestions may be implemented as a spin-off project.

- Provide tips on how to be more inclusive to be placed near “Pledge towards Wall” – provide information about common misconception of different categories of disabilities, tips to interact with PwDs, correct terminologies to use

C Giant “51”: 

- Festival participants will also come together to form and be photographed as “51” to commemorate Singapore celebrating its 51st birthday, and to reinforce belief that everyone is a part of Singapore regardless of race, religion, age, ability