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Powerlifting (Singapore) – “SG51 Singapore Powerlifting Bench Open”. 

Date: 6-7 Aug 2016. 

Time: 9am-6pm. 

Venue: GetActive! by the Bay - located at Bayfront Event Space (next to The Shoppes at Marina Bay Sands)

To get to GABB, take Exit E from Bayfront MRT,
cross the road to Bayfront Link, and
head towards the GABB Entrance Arch!

Competitive element 

This will be Singapore’s first ever Bench Press competition. The bench press is one of the 3 powerlifting disciplines. Lifters who signed up in the competitive categories are divided by weight and age group. Winner will be decided by the lifter who can lift the most weight in the respective categories.

Participative and Educational outreach (getting active & Anti-Doping Singapore)
Powerlifting is a sport for everyone! Learning how to perform the lifts correctly and safely is of utmost importance. An ongoing basic introduction corner will run throughout the event for the general public for free. The “clinic” will include practical demonstration and hands-on, to ensure correct lifting form and technique. Powerlifting (Singapore) has partnered with Anti-Doping Singapore (ADS) over the years to ensure highest level of competition without the use of drug. We have a zero tolerance policy towards athletes who take drugs of any kind to enhance their performance. Together with ADS, regular drug tests have been done at local competitions. An educational talk by ADS will be scheduled at specific times to educate the general public on the detriments of drug usage.

51,000 kilos lifted by participants in commemoration of SG51

The event aims to set a target of 51,000kg over both days for the general public to lift collectively in commemoration of SG51. All lifts must be performed correctly for them to count and will be under direct supervision of our own representatives to ensure safety of the general public.