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Let's lepak at mount faber

In line with the national car-lite initiative across Singapore, Faber Loop at Mount Faber will be designated as a car-free zone on the first weekend of every month to enable pedestrians and the public to enjoy activities freely between 4pm and 8pm. This car-free event will create an 800m stretch of closed road along Faber Loop, which is located near the cross section leading to and from Mount Faber park and Henderson Waves pedestrian bridge.

During the designated car-free periods, pedestrians can enjoy activities on the hilltop, surrounded by the forest. A series of programs is being jointly curated with wellness associations and interest groups to encourage Singaporeans to take part and have family bonding time together. The event name is - Let’s Lepak at Mount Faber, and it would be an event where Singaporeans would be coming together to celebrate National Day with their families and friends, enjoying a day out together and doing sports together. After all, healthy bodies, happy minds!

Activities include :

1. Mass Exercise (Main Activity) – K-Pop Fitness

2. Paint Dancing Workshop – Create a painting in red and white

3. Recycled Craft Workshop – Make a uniquely Singapore craft item with recycled materials

4. Music Performance – Roving percussion ensemble performing Singapore tunes

5. Traditional Sports to ignite the kampong spirit – Chapteh, Zero Point, etc

6. Others – F&B Food Trucks