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The Play Streets initiative converts the street into a giant sporting playground offering a high-impact way to encourage more physical activity, particularly in neighbourhoods that often lack open space. Today, obesity and sedentary lifestyle is prevalent amongst children in Singapore.

Most kids do not get the recommended 60 minutes a day of physical activity. Play Streets program not only help our kids develop more active habits, they also bring communities together in a safe, fun space.

‘ActiveSG National Day Playstreets’ is developed as a moving birthday card to Singapore. Set to take place over 4 days (30,31 July, 6,7 Aug) in 4 different locations in Singapore, every ActiveSG Playstreet offers more vigorous activities than your typical Playstreet. For national day, all games will make reference to our stars and moon, red and white, our history and what makes us Singaporeans. In the activities, the notions of nationalism and love for our country will be instilled and reminded to our kids.

Indeed, these games are channels for players to express their love for Singapore.