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get movin

Organised by the SRC administration team and its volunteers from the various committees, the event is open to the public and it ranges from outdoor sports events to indoor sports and social activities. It is an Open House for the SRC which is normally closed to the public and only for members.

The activities include the following:

a) Activities at the Padang : Soccer (matches among veterans players and ex-Singapore international players), Softball, Netball, Tennis, Cricket, Petanque, Zumba and Functional Fitness

b) Activities in the Clubhouse : Balut, Bridge, Chess, Dancesport (Social Dancing) and Line Dancing

Activity cards will be given to the participants and the first 500 participants who complete at least 8 stations will be able to redeem a premium each. There will be F&B provided, on sale, at the Clubhouse F&B outlets.

Key highlight is the ex-Nationals who will compete in a friendly match. Renowned soccer players such as Fandi Ahmad, Sundarmoothy, Malek Awab, etc. will be joining in the celebrity National Day Soccer Match.