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SGAG football trollnament

SGAG Soccer Championship is a one-day event catered for 200 people, which consists of teams formed and recruited via the SGAG community. Through this championship - which will consist of unconventional soccer activities, the objective is to subtly spread the message that exercising/going out to play physical sports can be fun and engaging as well. Split into 32 teams, participants will be playing unique variations of soccer, and undergo an elimination tournament system to fight to be the ultimate SGAG Sports Day champion.

Highlight : 6 types of Modified Soccer games which all the teams will get to play. There are 6 variations in total, namely, normal soccer, tennis soccer (using tennis ball instead of soccer ball), gunny sack soccer (playing soccer by hopping around in a gunny sack), bump soccer (using zorb balls), magni soccer (players to wear magnifying glasses when they play) and heads-only soccer (players can only use their heads to dribble and pass the ball).