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For the past two decades, HomeTeamNS REAL Run™ has been providing one of the best multi-terrain foot race experience for running enthusiasts all over the world. This year, the organising committee aims to enhance the experience with two new adrenaline-pumping routes – The Protectors Route and Lifesavers Route. 


Since its humble beginnings, the multi-terrain 5km and 10km routes has been a staple for runners in Singapore. Dubbed as the “Ultimate Running Experience”, HomeTeamNS REAL Run™’s combination of Road, Trail and Sand will excite runners who are looking for an extra challenge through winding trails, slopes, asphalt and energy-sapping sand. Runners can look forward to more flora and fauna along the route before they end the race on the soft white sands of Sentosa. 


Runners, brace yourselves… This year, we will bring you a brand new MULTI-TERRAIN OBSTACLE CHALLENGE! Traditionally, regulars, NSFs and NSmen will have to complete obstacle courses as part of their training before they take on roles such as Police officers, Firefighters or even Paramedics in the Home Team. Guess what? This is your chance to participate in a first-of-its-kind modified obstacle challenge that gives you a taste of the HomeTeamNS experience. As an added challenge, we have invited runners from Home Team’s elite forces so that you could run with the best of Home Team. The Lifesavers Route reinforces the Home Team identity and exemplifies the need for Singaporeans from all walks of life to play a key role in keeping Singapore safe and secure. Do you want to conquer HomeTeamNS’s first Multi-Terrain Obstacle Challenge? Stay tuned for more information! Stay updated on the latest HomeTeamNS REAL™ Run news, announcements and win lots of freebies! 

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