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The world famous fusion of Pilates + boxing has taken the world by storm. In this game-changing new program, PILOXING goes to the BARRE. PILOXING BARRE is high energy yet focused - fluid yet Powerful.

Why should we go to the barre, you ask? The barre is a tool, a source of external support and resistance. It leads to achieving better body balance, initiating deeper muscle engagement – to stronger, healthier joints. The muscles will SAFELY burn and shake through lengthening Pilates-influenced exercises. Then, just when those muscles want a break, they get it - we shift focus to your HEART with a cardiovascular boxing push. These shifts make for a well-rounded, low impact, interval training BARRE program. PILOXING’S signature ½ pound (250 grams) weighted gloves can be worn from start to finish, further intensifying the experience. Happy joints, strong muscles, healthy heart – that’s why.

Become a PILOXING Barre instructor by attending this one-day Instructor Training Workshop with Jordan Ballard, senior US Master Trainer at the PILOXING Academy. You will learn the training methodology, principles and moves that make PILOXING Barre such an effective, in-demand program. You will receive all the tools and resources to successfully teach a full-length PILOXING Barre class.

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