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If you are thinking of taking the plunge into open water swimming, join us for an hour of theory and practice with trainers from Sports Swim Organisation.

Date: 7 May
Time: 7:45 – 9:45am
Venue: National Service Resort Sea Sports Centre
Address : 11 Changi Coast Walk

7:45am – For Intermediate Level (participants are expected to swim up to 2,000m)
8:45am – For Beginner Level (participants are expected to swim up to 1,500m)

  • Briefing on land
  • Assessment of participants proficiency levels
  • Rapid Overview of open water swimming techniques and the following topics: - Open water swimming vs. Pool swimming 
    • Stroke technique 
    • Paced breathing 
    • Orientation 
      - Drafting (only Intermediate Level)
      - Passing buoys (only Intermediate Level)

Beginner Level: Should be pool swimmers at least once a week and able to complete at least 500m continuously, and know how to swim at least 2-3 strokes, including freestyle.

Intermediate Level: Former swimmer, triathlete, masters swimmer or frequent leisure pool swimmer (at least twice a week). Can comfortably swim 2-2.5k in a pool. May have had previous open water experience.

  • Participants are to ensure they are of good health and physical condition to undertake the respective clinics.
  • Participants are required to wear their swim attire, goggles and brightly colored swim cap during the clinics.
  • Participants are to declare if they are allergic to the stings of any marine creatures.