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The inaugural Celebrity Sports Day will see 50 TV stars forming two teams i.e. Red and Blue to battle it out in events such as basketball, 100-metre sprint, 4X100m relay, Tug-of-War, as well as other customised games. 

The Red Team's comprises Tay Ping Hui, Nick Teo, Shane Pow, Zhang Zheng Huan, Ian Fang and Jeffrey Xu while Blue Team will make up of Brandon Wong, Lee Teng and Chase Tan. Each team has their own strong players. Red Team's Chase stands at 186cm tall and he took part in the SEA Games. Blue Team's Shane used to compete as a member of the Singapore National Youth Basketball team. 

Come dressed in team colours and cheer on your favourite stars. Tickets costs $10 and can be purchased from All proceeds will go to NTUC Income OrangeAid in support of underprivileged children and youth of Singapore.

Red team Blue team
Leader: Tay Ping Hui Leader: Kym Ng
Ian Fang Elvin Ng
Rebecca Lim Carrie Wong
Yahui Julie Tan
Zhang Zhen Huan Romeo Tan
Shane Pow Desmond Tan
Jayley Woo Lee Teng
Bonnie Loo Hong Ling
James Seah Seraph Sun
Jeffrey Xu Sora Ma
Ben Yeo Brandon Wong
Zheng Ge Ping Yao Wen Long
Shaun Chen Chen Tian Wen
Aileen Tan Hong Hui Fang
Youyi Priscelia Chan
Vivian Lai Belinda Lee
Michelle Wong Desmond Ng
Nick Teo Chase Tan
Justin Ang (Muttons) Gerald Koh
Vernon A (Muttons) Joakim Gomez
Kimberly Wang Vernetta Lopez
Sonia Chew Mike Kasem
Simone Heng Jean Danker
Jamie Yeo Kun Hua
Xie Jia Fa Chen Ning
Jeff Goh Siau Jiahui
Lin Pei Fen Lin Lingzhi
Bukoh Mary Dennis Chew
Wallace Ang