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The Standard Chartered Marathon Singapore has established itself as the marquee running event on Singapore's sporting calendar. Every first Sunday of December, thousands of participants from all walks of life run pass some of singapore's iconic landmarks such as the Esplanade and Sentosa.

Marathon runners also get to soak up the festive atmosphere as they start their run in the wrinkling lights of Orchard Road.

Race Categories

Marathon (42.195km) – 4 December 2016

A marathon is one of the most challenging physical activities one can choose to participate in, providing extreme mental and physical challenges throughout the 42.195km. Overcoming these challenges and then completing the run makes it all worthwhile. Crossing the marathon finish line is undoubtedly one of the most rewarding personal experiences an athlete can enjoy.

The marathon is a considerable distance and should only be taken up by runners who are committed to several months of dedicated training. Individuals who are new to the sport of running may wish to start with a shorter distance and then move up to a marathon once confident they can safely complete the 42.195km.

Ekiden (42.195km) – 4 December 2016

The Ekiden, a concept which originally began in Japan, is a hugely popular running format. Teams of six runners bring their training and teamwork together to complete 42.195km.

The first participant of the team will begin the relay at the same start point and time as the Marathon participants. Each team member will run a section of the marathon, passing the team sash to their next teammate at each of the five Ekiden points.

Half Marathon (21.1km) – 4 December 2016

The half marathon has a wider appeal than its Marathon older brother, and is viewed as a more achievable feat by non-elite or serious runners.

The 21.1km still requires a serious level of training, however, and brings with it its own set of challenges. Many runners use the half marathon as a stepping stone towards the marathon but it’s a very testing run in its own right. Some of the world’s best long distance runners focus their careers on the half and are able to set some incredible average speeds in this category. The half is a perfect run for those looking to step up from the 10km and test the long distance discipline.

10 KM / 10 KM Wheelchair – 4 December 2016

The 10km is a category for runners of all abilities. The distance is perfect for beginners, though once again it also requires a decent training commitment for those new to the sport.

The more serious runners view this category as almost a ‘sprint’, with some incredible 10km times having been posted over the years.

This race category is also available for wheelchair bound participants to participate in with sports wheelchairs.

800 M Kids Dash – 3 December 2016

As the name suggests, the Kids Dash is a fun event for young runners aged up to 13. The race is designed to encourage kids to participate in a running event and take up the sport while they are young. Kids are encouraged to come out, have fun, and experience the festivities and be part of this momentous occasion. It is non-competitive, hence participants of this category will not be issued with timing chips. It is compulsory for a parent/guardian to accompany any child 6 years and below for safety purposes. Only one parent/guardian issued with an identification tag will be allowed to accompany any child 6 years & below.

And for the second time running, The Kids Dash will be moved to a standalone event on Saturday 3 December, making it another weekend-long running fiesta on the first weekend of December.