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OCBC Cycle Singapore 2015
Photo credit: Lim Zi Hao/OCBC

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Held on 29 and 30 August 2015, the new OCBC Cycle aims to be a safe premium cycling platform with a series of unique cycling and cycling-related activities, championing cycling as a year-round way of life. Taking place at the newly-minted Singapore Sports Hub, the event will give riders the opportunity to ride triumphantly into the National Stadium. Some cyclists will even get to pedal along the running lanes on the track.  OCBC Cycle will culminate in a mass cycling event on a single weekend, when participants will come together to ride safely on closed roads in the heart of the city, starting from – and returning to – a new venue. The new OCBC Cycle is sanctioned by the Singapore Cycling Federation and supported by Sport Singapore.

OCBC Cycle looks to target cyclists across a wide spectrum of cycling proficiencies, such as The Straits Times Ride (23km) and The Sportive Ride (42km) for the adults, to Kids and Family Rides, where our budding riders can cycle for 100m (for 2-5 years old) or as far as they can within 20 minutes (5-9 years old) and 30 minutes (10-12 years old).

OCBC Bank and the organisers will also continue to work with The Business Times on the charity component that has always been integral to Singapore’s cycling fiesta. In 2015, OCBC Cycle and The Business Times will expand that component to include more activities for those who want to give back to society while taking part. Under the rubric of The Business Times Cycle of Hope, participants can sign up for new activities ranging from teaching cycling and bicycle repairs to less advantaged to bringing these children and youth on rides, as well as support fund-raising activities for the Singapore Children’s Society, The Singhealth TRUE Fund, SportCares and The Business Times Budding Artists Fund.