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The National Disability League (NDL) is back for the 10th year!

NDL will offer 17 sports this year. On an average, three sport events will happen concurrently on a weekend. It encourages athletes to compete in their best sports. In addition, NDL provides a platform for competition, for individuals to gain experience in sports and competition setting and promote and instill sportsmanship. It is also another avenue to identify sporting potentials for further sport development. Matches were held under different competition system according to the rules of the games. The new comprehensive competition format has allowed the best athletes to compete in their given sport.

Events  Date / Time 
Girls Under 12
Boys Under 12
Girls Under 15
Boys Under 15
Girls Under 17
Boys Under 17
Male Open
Female Open
14 Aug, (Fri) 1200 - 1700

15 Aug, (Sat) 0800 - 1700