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In street soccer, a panna (playing the ball through the legs of an opponent) is the biggest “humiliation” there is. The teams achievements and even the goals that are made are minor to this phenomenon. “It is a brilliant form of football, only it is not as well-known as field football. The best part of panna football is that everyone has fun in playing the game, whatever they skills in football are.” says Matthew Gernaat (one of the worlds best street soccer players.)

Panna and Freestyle football is more than just playing a bit of football on the streets. It is a complete youth culture, with its own street langue, dress code, manners and music. This lifestyle is linked closely with the Urban youth culture. Having an “open mind” and being tolerant are very important aspects in this lifestyle. The youngsters just want to be themselves and in the streetsoccer game, that is possible. Street soccer teaches the children and youngsters to accept and respect other cultures and lifestyles. The sport shows them appreciation, something that society doesn’t always give them.

In streetsoccer “respect” is the most important element. That is why fairplay is high on our list. Losing in the panna cage is accepted in the motto “the opponent was a better player”.