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Challenge ur Limits (CurL) is a special project brought to you by Nanyang Technological University (NTU) Welfare Services Club (WSC). The Welfare Services Club is an associate member of National Council of Social Services (NCSS) with over 500 NTU student volunteers actively involved in diverse areas of community work. Besides providing weekly regular services to 11 welfare organisations, the Club also undertake special projects such as CurL, to promote unconventional means of volunteerism. WSC was the recipient of the Singapore Youth Award 2006 (Medal of Commendation) as well as the President’s Social Service Award 2008 (informal group category) for sustained efforts in community service.

CurL’s main objective is to create opportunities for beneficiaries and volunteers to interact and participate in exciting activities which will challenge both their mental and physical limits. CurL also aims to reach out to people without prior volunteering experience, thus serving as a platform for them to embark on future volunteering activities.



Our mission declares our purpose as a club and serves as the standard against which we weigh our actions and decisions.

The Mission of CurL’ 15 is to not only reach out to our own volunteers but most importantly to reach beyond the boundaries of NTU, in a bid to encourage the community at large to look beyond the physical disabilities of the less fortunate, and instead to focus on their spirit, determination and passion for life.


Our vision serves as the framework for us and guides every aspect of our project by describing what we need to accomplish to achieve sustainability and growth as a special project

The CurL’15 Vision are outlined in the following:


Be a cohesive CurL family and work towards a common goal together


Our participants to overcome their own mental and physical limitations


Provide a fulfilling learning and volunteering experience for our members and participants of CurL


A platform for the community to be actively involved in which would help them to understand the beneficiaries and promote a more inclusive society


Active participation and interaction of the public, volunteers and beneficiaries