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ActiveSG Sgt Ken Parent-Child Boot Camp

SGT KEN’s Parent-Child Boot Camp includes safe and effective functional fitness training practiced by the U.S. military and their families. SGT Ken will lead you through each step of the program in a tiered progressive format, highlighting specific targets of the body with examples in basic, intermediate and advanced levels. In this playful program, you will be provided every modification and amplification needed to reach your fitness goals as a team. SGT Ken has a great deal of experience leading youth fitness programs for the military and created easy-to-follow youth fitness videos fitness videos for the Air National Guard. Don’t miss your chance to create lasting memories with your child through SGT KEN Parent-Child Boot Camp! Rated for all levels. Open to Moms and Daughters, Fathers and Sons. Minimum age is 5 years old.

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ActiveSG Sgt Ken Operation Fast & Furious Advanced Boot Camp

SGT Ken’s Advanced Boot Camp: Operation Fast and Furious utilizes highly effective physical fitness training techniques practiced by the U.S. military. Complete with metabolic conditioning drills, calisthenics, Hyperwear, SandBell, ViPR, Bosu and Battlerope exercises, this course will cause you to burn close to 1,000 calories in 75 minutes! SGT Ken will lead you through a series of heart-pounding functional fitness exercises, cadence calls and fierce kickboxing drills, all to upbeat music. Over 500,000 Soldiers have used SGT Ken’s program to prepare for combat! Rated for all levels.

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