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SINGAPORE, 28 JUNE, 2015 – Quickspeed TRI-Factor Bike 2015 introduced a new race route across various Singapore landmarks like the Sports Hub incorporated a thorough safety management system to ensure that all associated risks are properly mitigated. This new route and safety control measures resulted to 1100 race capacity, a drop from last year’s 2500 race capacity.

Race Director Mr Joseph Tan said, “The event this year is very special as we made a difficult business decision to change the race route and limiting the type of bikes allow thus it resulted in reducing the race capacity. We wanted to provide our participants a new experience this year without comprising on any safety risk.

2015 SEA Games bronze medalist, Mr Vincent Ang Chin Yong top the 56km race category with a formidable time of 1 hour 21 minutes and 53 seconds slightly ahead of Mr Bastian Dohling and Brian Ng who finished at 1:21:56 and 1:21:58 respectively.

6 year old, Muhammad Nazmi took part in the 5km race cycling category and completed it in a respectable time of 12 minutes of 46 seconds.

Competition information and registration is available on