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Ubin Wayfinder will be structured in a sequence based Orienteering Race. This would include the competitive categories of Ubin Open Solo, Ubin Sprint Duo and Ubin Mixed Duo. How to win the race? 1) Fastest amount of time taken to navigate the fixed sequence from Start to Finish. 2) Accurate navigation of all checkpoints prescribed on the Race Map. A non-competitive category of Ubin Explore will also be introduced. Runners in this category will be shown a map of all the actual checkpoints used for the competitive category. A checkpoint score will be issued upon successful check-in at a checkpoint market. Team with the highest score may stand a chance to walk home with a prize from our sponsors. All racers need to clock in their location at each checkpoint via the SPORTident timing system. Entries will be deemed as void if we do not receive a valid check in.