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The Project Happy Feet Slipper Race is inspired by the many school children in countries such as Cambodia who walk more than 3km to school either barefooted or in slippers - if there is a school nearby. By getting participants to walk in a similar distance in slippers, we hope people will put themselves in the shoes (or slippers!) of these underprivileged children and do their part to contribute towards them having a chance at education.

For the younger participants, we hope they walk away with an appreciation for what they have been given, and feel inspired and empowered to do something for their counterparts who are less privileged. Through the event is not really a race in the competitive sense, we hope to send the message that there is a great urgency for us to do something about education for underprivileged children around the world, and that we should race against time to give our support and make that positive impact now.