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The Commando Challenge is about getting together with like minded people, friends, family and colleagues to create a community that takes on physical challenges together. All round fitness and determination will be tested that leaves each and every participant with an awesome sense of achievement and camaraderie upon completing each obstacle and ultimately crossing the finish line

With a 5-7km run along the beaches, tracks, and jungle of Sentosa Island, with 13+ military style obstacles (including fire, ice, electricity, crawls and climbs…). It is a mass participation event that differentiates itself from the usual running events through these challenging obstacles. It’s strength is in bringing groups of friends/colleagues/families together to take on the challenge as a team. It can be completed as an individual, but teamwork and camaraderie are encouraged. It is not exclusively for the super-fit, and the sense of achievement upon finishing is the key driver.

The essence of commando challenge

The Commando Challenge is a serious challenge, and although great fun it’s certainly no lame ass fun run. Our races are based on the types of physical selection tests soldiers complete to win entry into elite military units, along with an extra helping of commando spirit. You have to be prepared to push yourself to complete a hard core obstacle course. Special Forces standards are not expected, but a Special Forces attitude definitely is – never, never give up.

What to expect

Expect a challenge and sense of achievement like no other fitness event. To succeed you will need a degree of all round fitness, determination, the ability to overcome your fears, crawl through mud, cope with water obstacles and just like Special Forces selection to expect the unexpected. At the finish line you will not only feel an unrivalled sense of accomplishment and pride but have a unique insight into the commando spirit.


#1: Commandos are up for it

  • Commandos know they are capable of more than they think they are.
  • Commandos plan for and expect success.

#2: Commandos thrive on challenge

  • Commandos look at each new challenge with confidence.
  • Commandos keep going when all they have left is determination.

#3: Commandos Share Success

  • Commando face fear and adversity head on, knowing they do so with like minded comrades.
  • Commandos bonds between one another are greater, the greater the challenge they overcome together.
  • Commandos party hard, the harder the challenge, the harder they party.