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 B is beautiful

For Chua Chu Kang to remain beautiful we have to keep it clean and green; to continue to improve our environment as we need to. Whilst there are many upcoming Home Improvement Programmes (NRP) to improve upon estate, it falls on all of us to keep it beautiful!

I is for inclusive

Chua Chu kang is our Home, and no one member of our family can be left behind. Be they young or old, well off or needy, born Singaporean or immigrants newly bought into the fold, we all have a part to play in our community, to take part and be involved, to make it best our Home.

G is for Graciousness

For all of us to be kind, and courteous, to know one another and help one another. We are one big family! Look around you now. Shake a hand, say hello, get to know the people around, you and embrace them!