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Run For Light is a global initiative to create a community to support one another and to contribute towards a common goal of helping the less fortunate. Be among the limited few to be invited for the blindfold walk to support the visually impaired individuals. Register your interest before the start of registration and share with us creative ideas that we could support them better.

Light is always associates with words like 'innovation', 'philanthropy', 'leading', 'inspiration', 'well-being', 'joy', 'hope', 'relax', 'connectivity', 'bright' and 'future' and our event will establish a strong following for our sponsors that will translate to customers thinking of them whenever they need LIGHT; for the next 3 years rather than just a one-off run event similar to those in the market.

Be a leading LIGHT in the industry or as an individual and join us to spread this light.

Run for Light empowers and supports the less fortunate community by helping to create enough awareness for the association or community to raise fund through the event and to raise their own fund in subsequent years. Beyond the charitable cause of giving back to the society, Run for Light strives to provide an unique experience for the event participants through different concepts every year and be the conduit linking up our sponsors with their targeted market segments.