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Let’s welcome home #OurTeamSG athletes! 

They are back after putting up a great fight at the recent Asian Games in Incheon, going toe to toe with some of the world’s top athletes. If you want to show your love and support for their tremendous efforts and give them a hero’s welcome, come down to Changi Airport at the following time(s).


 Water Polo (Women's Team)

 Name   Flight   Arrival Time 
 Chen Yiwei Denise  KE641   11:50 PM 
 Fu Yumin Eunice Karina    KE641  11:50 PM
 Koh Ting Yi Gina  KE641  11:50 PM
 Kan Enci Mary  KE641  11:50 PM
 Low Seet Teng  KE641  11:50 PM
 Loke En Yuan  KE641  11:50 PM
 Neo Ser Han  KE641  11:50 PM
 Ng Yiwen  KE641  11:50 PM
 Ong Cheng Jing  KE641  11:50 PM
 Angeline Teo Yi Ling  KE641  11:50 PM
 Tan Su-lynn  KE641  11:50 PM
 Tan Hui Ying Lynette Jane    KE641  11:50 PM
 Adelyn Yew Yan Xiang  KE641  11:50 PM