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The Singapore University Games (SUniG) was conceptualized as a competition for university students to get together to foster goodwill and friendship through sports and it has grown over the years to become a stage for university students to showcase their talent and passion. With new universities joining the ranks, the SUniGs will continue to grow and provide a solid base for university athletes to grow and develop in sport.

The SUSC is responsible for the organization and management of the Singapore University Games. The Council is also responsible for the professional conduct of each event through careful monitoring of the standards employed to ensure a consistent and compatible games each year.

 Game No.   Date   Venue   Match 
 1.   9th September   NTU MPF   SIM vs NUS 
 2.  12th September   NTU MPF  NTU vs SMU 
 3.  19th September   NUS  SIM vs SMU
 4.  19th September   NTU MPF  NTU vs NUS
 5.  24th September   NUS   NUS vs SMU
 6.  24th September   NTU MPF  NTU vs SIM
 R1.  26th September  NTU MPF  Reserve Date
 R2.  26th September  NTU MF  Reserve Date

For the competition schedule, visit

For more information about the event, visit their official website.