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The inaugural 2014 RED All-Star Weekend is coming up!

Over the last few weeks, the Red Crew have been inviting some of the best school-athletes for basketball, floorball and football (see list below) to head down to *SCAPE on August 8-9 for a weekend of fun and entertainment. After a hard season of training and competition, the RED All-Star Weekend is meant to recognise and celebrate our school-athletes.

You will not only get to watch these school-athletes in action, you can also take part in a basketball 3-point shootout and penalty shootouts for football and floorball.

If you like basketball in particular, you can also sign up with your friends as a team for the  RED 3×3 Bball Showdown as well. Why just watch when you can play too, right?

Admission as a spectator to the RED All-Star Weekend is free but you need to sign up for tickets to watch the basketball, football and floorball action.

So fill out the form below and we’ll get in touch with you soon about how, where and when you can collect your tickets.

Look forward to hearing from you!

Red Sports. Always Game.

Les Tan and the Red Crew

Venue: *SCAPE
Day: Friday and Saturday
Date: August 8 and 9, 2014
Time: 2–9pm
Fee: Admission is FREE but you need to sign up for tickets. Admission to the venue is by ticket only.

RED All-Stars
Adrian Gonzales (Tanglin Secondary)
Bryan Ng (Fairfield Methodist Secondary)
Christian Pepito (North Vista Secondary)
Denilson Soh (New Town Secondary)
Dorjee Chokka Lama (North Vista Secondary)
Jeremy Koh (New Town Secondary)
Koh Jin Quan (Anglo-Chinese School (Barker Road))
John Christopher (Unity Secondary)
Jonathan Teo (Anderson Secondary)
Kovic Lee (Unity Secondary)
Kelvin Frany Feng (Anglo-Chinese School (Barker Road))
Lee Jia Hui (Jurong Secondary)
Leon Lee (Yishun Secondary)
Michael Palero (Anglo-Chinese School (Barker Road))
Misheel Bayaraa (Anglo-Chinese School (Barker Road))
Mohd Naseer (Jurong Secondary)
Richard Dela Cruz (Fairfield Methodist Secondary)
Ryan Wong (Canberra Secondary)
Sherman Seet (Anglo-Chinese School (Barker Road))
Shiek Ridwan (North Vista Secondary)
Sim Xuan (North Vista Secondary)
Sim Zhen (North Vista Secondary)
Thng Yong-An (Unity Secondary)
Toh Tze Cong (Catholic High)
Zeng Zhixin (Tanglin Secondary)

RED Challengers
Ameerah Tuneesa (Unity Secondary)
Aloysius Teo (Tanglin Secondary)
Helisa Binte Salim (North Vista Secondary)
Jordan Lee (Mayflower Secondary)
Joven Lum (Unity Secondary)
Khaliesah (Dunman Secondary)
Monica Lim (North Vista Secondary)
Muhd Norisham (Jurong Secondary)
Nigel Ng (Presbyterian High)
Roshan Ahmad (Punggol Secondary)
Sheryl Ng (Nanyang Girls High School)
Shukri (Dunman Secondary)
Tricia Yeo (New Town Secondary)
Khardiyanty (Jurong Secondary)
Tng Zhi Cai (Presbyterian High)
Ang Zi Yang (Bukit Panjang Government High)

RED All-Stars
Adeena Binte Mohamed Nagib (Meridian JC)
Amelia Ang (Tampines JC)
Amirul Afiq (Raffles Institution)
Jovi Kuah (River Valley High School)
Lee Jin Hao (Meridian JC)
Mindy Lim (Meridian JC)
Muhammad Danial (St. Gabriel’s Secondary)
Muhammad Jazli (Meridian JC)
Ng Juin Jie (Raffles Institution)
Ng Si Hong (Raffles Institution)
Sng Yu Feng Chester (River Valley High School)
Soh Zheng Kang (Bukit Merah Secondary)
Tay Yang (Raffles Institution)
Vanessa Chin (Tampines Junior College)

RED Challengers
Chang Jia Jung (Jurong JC)
Hasan Asyari (Republic Polytechnic)
Jared Tan (Raffles Institution)
Kamal Hariz (Raffles Institution)
Md Firdaus (Raffles Institution)
Mohamad Nurhakiem (Meridian JC)
Muhammad Afiq (Republic Polytechnic)
Muhammad Hamizan (Meridian JC)
Muhammad Shiddiq (Republic Polytechnic)
Muhammad Yusuf (Meridian JC)
Noor Muhammad (Republic Polytechnic)
Omar Albahar (Meridian JC)
Soh En Rui (Republic Polytechnic)
Tianjun (Pioneer JC)
Tng Zong Wei (Raffles Institution)
Ysaac Mico (Loyang Secondary)

RED All-Stars
Amos Cheah (Serangoon JC)
Ajay Singh Panoo (Serangoon JC)
Boris Wee (Anglo-Chinese JC)
Duncan Yap (Anglo-Chinese JC)
Farhan Supian (Anglo-Chinese JC)
Jeevan Sangker (Serangoon JC)
Jerrick Chan (Anglo-Chinese JC)
Jeshua Koh (St Andrew’s JC)
Jovan Lim (Dunman High School)
Lucas Lee (Meridian JC)
Mah Yi Hui (Serangoon JC)
Muhammad Faiz (Meridian JC)
Muhammad Shafiq (Anglo-Chinese JC)
Nur Atiqah Bte Ridzwan (Meridian JC)
Nurul Fatin (Meridian JC)
Sherman Quek (Victoria JC)
Tan Kang Ngee (Serangoon JC)

RED Challengers
Abdul Mateen (Meridian JC)
Carl Wong (Serangoon JC)
Chaichote Tone (Victoria JC)
Dagan Lim (Meridian JC)
Daniel Khoo (Serangoon JC)
Eugene Pang (Hwa Chong Institution)
Muhammad Bin Imran (Meridian JC)
Soon Wei Jun (Meridian JC)
Sunder S/O Nagayah (Jurong JC)
Syabil Anwar (Meridian JC)
Zamen Lin (Hwa Chong Institution)