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BATTLE ROYALE is a knockout tournament that will test the skill and will of eight of the world’s toughest, exciting and decorated Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) fighters. The tournament structure for BATTLE ROYALE will begin with the 8 men competing in 4 quarter-final fights. The winners of the fights will go on to compete in two semi-final fights and subsequently, the grand final. 

The winner of BATTLE ROYALE will be crowned the first ever REBEL FC featherweight champion. Among the elite eight are whom many consider the best all-time bantamweight MMA athlete, Miguel Torres from USA and his equally formidable countryman Will Chope, former UFC fighter and former URCC champion. Completing the line-up are former ZST featherweight champion Yojiro Uchimura from Japan, current URCC champion Reydon Romero from the Philippines, Australian submission specialist Michael Tobin, hard brawling Australian Thai Pat Promrangka, Brazilian WOCS champion Mauricio “Faccao” Dos Santos Jr and DEEP Japanese champion Takahiro Ashida. 

The quarter-final fights will be hosted on 1 August 2014 at the Suntec Singapore Convention and Exhibition Centre while the semi-finals and grand final on another spectacular night at a later date.