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Let’s welcome home #OurTeamSG athletes! 

They are back after putting up a great fight at the recent Asian Games in Incheon, going toe to toe with some of the world’s top athletes. If you want to show your love and support for their tremendous efforts and give them a hero’s welcome, come down to Changi Airport at the following time(s).



 Name  Flight  Arrival Time
 Myra Lee Jia Wen  SQ607  2:20 PM
 Fong Kay Yian  SQ607  2:20 PM
 Timothy Lee Han Kuan    SQ607  2:20 PM



 Name  Flight  Arrival Time
 Dipna Lim Prasad  SQ607  2:20 PM
 Goh Chui Ling  SQ607  2:20 PM
 Pereira Veronica Shanti    SQ607  2:20 PM
 T. Piriyah  SQ607  2:20 PM
 Tyra Summer Ree  SQ607  2:20 PM
 Wendy Enn  SQ607  2:20 PM
 Kang Li Loong Calvin  SQ607  2:20 PM
 Lee Cheng Wei  SQ607  2:20 PM
 Yeo Foo Ee Gary  SQ607  2:20 PM



 Name  Flight  Arrival Time
 Tan Jun Juan, Javier  SQ607  2:20 PM
 Joel Tan Eng An  SQ607  2:20 PM
 Saw Hui-Xun, Keith  SQ607  2:20 PM
 Muhammad Jaris Goh Bin Ali Akbar Goh    SQ607  2:20 PM
 Justin Lim Chia Loong  SQ607  2:20 PM
 Ng Chiew Pang  SQ607  2:20 PM
 Ng Lin Zhi, Shayna  SQ607  2:20 PM
 Tan Shi Hua, Cherie  SQ607  2:20 PM
 Tan Shi Jing, Daphne  SQ607  2:20 PM
 Jazreel Tan Shi Hua  SQ607  2:20 PM
 New Hui Fen  SQ607  2:20 PM
 Yeo Ruoqi Joey  SQ607   2:20 PM



 Name  Flight  Arrival Time
 Lee Yi Tian  SQ607  2:20 PM
 Low YuHui  SQ607  2:20 PM
 Goh Xin Yi  SQ607  2:20 PM
 Samantha Teo Ming Li  SQ607  2:20 PM
 Wong YiLin  SQ607  2:20 PM
 Chan Jia Yu  SQ607  2:20 PM
 Chu Jia Hui Eunice  SQ607  2:20 PM
 Lim Christabelle  SQ607  2:20 PM
 Ow Yong Yu Xiu Alvinia  SQ607  2:20 PM
 Elly Syazwani Binte Sudira    SQ607  2:20 PM
 Woo Xue Ni Annabel Bernadette    SQ607  2:20 PM
 Wang Shao-Ing  SQ607  2:20 PM


 Name  Flight   Arrival Time
 Chiew Huan Lin Eugene    SQ609  22:00 PM
 Low Jiang Hao  SQ609  22:00 PM
 Mohd Zain Bin Amat  SQ609  22:00 PM


 Table Tennis

 Name  Flight  Arrival Time
 Feng Tianwei  SQ607  2:20 PM
 Yu Mengyu  SQ607  2:20 PM
 Isabelle Li Si Yun  SQ607  2:20 PM
 Lin Ye  SQ607  2:20 PM
 Zhou Yihan  SQ607  2:20 PM
 Yang Zi  SQ607  2:20 PM
 Li Hu  SQ607  2:20 PM
 Gao Ning  SQ607  2:20 PM
 Chen Feng  SQ607  2:20 PM
 Clarence Chew Zhe Yu  SQ607  2:20 PM