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Let’s welcome home #OurTeamSG athletes! 

They are back after putting up a great fight at the recent Asian Games in Incheon, going toe to toe with some of the world’s top athletes. If you want to show your love and support for their tremendous efforts and give them a hero’s welcome, come down to Changi Airport at the following time(s).



 Name   Flight   Arrival Time 
 Audrey Yong Pei Lin  SQ607  2:20 PM 
 Elizabeth Yin Yueling  SQ607  2:20 PM
 Jodie Lai Xuan Yi  SQ607  2:20 PM
 Kimberly Lim Min  SQ607  2:20 PM
 Low Rui Qi Cecilia  SQ607  2:20 PM
 Low Rui Xi Priscilla  SQ607  2:20 PM
 Savannah Siew Kiah Hui  SQ607  2:20 PM
 Andrew Paul Chan  SQ607  2:20 PM
 Cheng Xinru Colin  SQ607  2:20 PM
 Christopher Lim Zijie  SQ607  2:20 PM
 Jonathan Yeo  SQ607  2:20 PM
 Justin Wong Ming Ho  SQ607  2:20 PM
 Kwok Raynn  SQ607  2:20 PM
 Leonard Ong  SQ607  2:20 PM
 Loh Jia Yi  SQ607  2:20 PM
 Maximilian Soh Khyan Tat    SQ607  2:20 PM
 Russell Kan Tsung Liang  SQ607  2:20 PM