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Let’s welcome home #OurTeamSG athletes! 

They are back after putting up a great fight at the recent Asian Games in Incheon, going toe to toe with some of the world’s top athletes. If you want to show your love and support for their tremendous efforts and give them a hero’s welcome, come down to Changi Airport at the following time(s).



 Name  Flight  Arrival Time
 Chan Siew Kheng Dinah    SQ607  2:20 PM



 Name  Flight  Arrival Time
 Chew Yen Tung Catherine Marissa    SQ603  5:35 AM
 Chew Pei Jia Caroline Rosanna  SQ609  22:00 PM




 Name  Flight  Arrival Time
 Nur Ashriq Ferdaus Bin Zul'Kepli  SQ15  12:50 AM
 Enrico Elifh Abdul Lathif Marican  SQ15  12:50 AM
 Mohamad Farhan Bin Kamsani  SQ15  12:50 AM
 A Suresh  SQ15  12:50 AM
 Silas Abdul Razak Bin Noor Shah  SQ15  12:50 AM
 Karleef Abdullah Sasi  SQ15  12:50 AM
 Mohammed Sabri Bin Yuhari  SQ15  12:50 AM
 Muhammad Haseef Bin Salim  SQ15  12:50 AM
 Ishwarpal Singh Grewal  SQ15  12:50 AM
 Tan Yi Ru  SQ15  12:50 AM
 Ahmad Faris Bin Muhammad Johari     SQ15  12:50 AM
 Muhammad Ashraff Bin Alias  SQ15  12:50 AM
 Muhammad Hidayat Bin Mat Rahim  SQ15  12:50 AM
 Muhammad Baqir Bin Asali  SQ15  12:50 AM
 Prashan S/O Anbalagan  SQ15  12:50 AM
 Johnson Sivalingam  SQ15  12:50 AM