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The 3rd Annual FLOW (Flowboarding League of the World) TOUR ASIA 2013 championship is back to inject some serious stoke in the region over the months of August – October at FLOW Tour qualifying venues across the region. Spearheading the tour is experienced leader of the Asia pack, Wave House Sentosa, having organized countless local competitions as well as international championship events. The Pro Singapore Qualifiers, the Wildcard Qualifiers, and the penultimate Pro Finals championships, where top flowboarders in the Asia Pacific region (Saipan, Japan, South Korea, Australia, Thailand and Malaysia) will congregate to compete against the region's best on the world-famous Double FlowRider® wave ride for championship titles and a place on the Asia FLOW Team. This team will consist of one male flowboarder, one female flowboarder and one bodyboarder; together these champions will take on a bigger challege as they will be flown to USA representing Asia on the international stage at the FLOW Championships (FlowRider) against the world’s elite.